The Art Of Nature

You don't take a photograph, you make it.

- Ansel Adams

Nature & tranquility are both my core interests during my growing up years.

It was around 1995 that I found my passion for photography after spending a few years capturing different subjects of interest.

I ended up taking photographs most of my weekends in Pulau Ubin (a small island situated in the north east of Singapore) for more than a year.

“Rustic Ubin” was my first exhibition held in December 2000. My sponsors were The National Arts Council of Singapore, The Lee Foundation and Substation. After “Rustic Ubin” exhibition, I stopped my photography due to work commitments.

One early morning in January 2021, while exercising along the park in Eastern Singapore I was captivated by the artistry of nature. Since then I have been capturing the flowers and plants that have caught my eye with my mobile phone.

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